Care and Maintenance for Your Stone Floor 2016-07-27T22:45:43-04:00

Take Care of Your Stone Floor

By observing a few precautions and setting up a regular cleaning routine and maintenance program, you can expect years of beauty from your floor. The following are examples of the reasonable and necessary maintenance you are expected to perform. This is not intended to be an exclusive list.

1) Use a penetrating sealer to prevent staining. Many stones are porous to different degrees. By sealing the stone with an impregnating sealer, you can avoid reactions such as oxidation (rust), spalling, deteriation of dry veins, etc.

2) Clean with a dust mop and neutral cleaner regularly to remove most dirt. Look for cleaners labeled “Special Stone Cleaner”, “pH Balanced Cleaner”, or “Neutral Base Cleaner”. You can always call The Tile Guy for recommendations.

3) Do NOT clean any natural stone with ACIDIC cleaners, including (but not limited to) vinegar or cleaners with “Lemon” or “Lime” on their labels. These cleaners will damage the polish on the stone. Sealers do not protect the stone from this kind of damage.

* This list was provided by Emser Tile and Natural Stone, but is relevant to all natural stones.