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We carry many beautiful marble tiles of different sizes and colors at very competitive prices. Out of all the natural stones, marble is the least durable and should only be used in light traffic areas like bathrooms, some entryways, and fireplaces. It is too soft for other areas like countertops. But for light traffic areas, marble makes an elegant and beautiful statement. Depending on which marble you choose, you may even be able to add a matching decorative accent like a medallion, liner, or linear decorative tile.

Marble is a natural stone and can vary greatly in color, even within the same basic color tone. When choosing your marble, we help you look at several samples to be sure you will be satisfied. To help you see how beautiful and varied marble can look, we have put some sample photos on this page. Please remember that these are only photos and may not exactly represent the actual color of the stone. We have many more samples in our store and would like the chance to help you.

Marble is a popular natural stone with unique variations in color and veining as a result of fissues being filled with minerals during its formation. No two tiles of marble are alike, even if they were cut from the same stone.

Marble is cut into squares so that it can be layed easily on a floor. During this cutting and honing process, companies can choose to polish and/or tumble the marble. Polishing gives marble reflective shine and tumbling ‘ages’ the marble making the edges rounder and softer.

As with any natural stone, you should care for your marble properly and seal it shortly after installtion to prevent staining. For example, a glass of water on unsealed marble will leave a water ring in the marble. We carry a great line of natural stone care products manufactured by StoneTech Professional.

To see more samples in person, come in and see us. We’d like the chance to help you!