Estimate Your Hardwood Project’s Cost 2017-09-29T00:16:20-04:00

Estimate Your Hardwood Project’s Cost

To help you estimate how much your new floor will cost, we’ve broken down an average job into its different parts. For each part of the average job, we’ve given the low and high estimates for you. All estimates are per square foot and should be used only as estimates. The actual cost could vary.

Your particular job may not include all these parts. For example, if you are installing it yourself, you would not include the Installer Fee. If you are able to glue down your floor, then include the cost of wood glue and not the nails/staples.

If you do plan on doing the work yourself, we can help! We’ll spend the time to talk to you about your particular project. We don’t just talk about laying hardwood in a square room – we talk specifically about your project. We’d like the chance to help you.

Costs of Installng a Hardwood Floor
Description Low Estimate High Estimate
Hardwood $2.79 $12.00
Installer Fee $2.00 $3.00
Leveling the Sub-Floor $0.00 $0.50
Wood Glue * $0.35 $0.50
Nails / Staples – Straight cost of the materials