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Installer Referral

We only sell materials at The Tile Guy – which is good news for your pocketbook. This way you can get your best price on tile, wood, and other materials with us. Then separately you can get your best price on installation.  Don’t have an installer?  We refer our customers to the best independent installers in town so that you can select with confidence.

We have referred out installers for the last 27 years and have built up a lot of experience with the installers in town. Based on feedback from our previous customers, we can refer installers to you that have a history of excellent craftsmanship and good customer skills.

Different installers have different preferences. Some prefer only small jobs, some only big. Some don’t like to travel very far, while others don’t mind traveling. Your best prices will come from an installer who wants your job. With that in mind, we refer you to the right group of installers for your job.

We’d like the chance to help you!