How to Measure Your Area in Four Easy Steps – Step 4 2017-09-29T00:16:20-04:00


Step 4: Add Extra

You are done measuring! Now that you know the square footage of your area, you are ready to begin choosing your flooring. Keep in mind that you will most likely need to order a little more flooring than what you need to cover your actual square footage. Usually you will order about 5-10% extra, but this can vary greatly. Some, but definitely not all, of the variables are:

1) The layout of your area (a simple straight rectangle or a kitchen with many angles), ;

2) the flooring your choose, ;

3) the direction you lay your tile (if you choose tile as your flooring), and ;

4) how much extra material you want to have left over after your job is complete (from just a couple of tiles in case your slab shifts to several boxes in case you want to cover an additional area later).

After you decide on the flooring you want, we can help you decide what percentage over to order.

We’d like the chance to help you!